Saturday, February 2, 2008

Moving towards architecture

A story was created. A site has been assigned. It is time to figure out what my building wants to do. On the Southeast corner of Broadway and Madison is a parking lot. This is our site. From this place I will begin to develop a seed that will grow into my architectural story.

What do I want my site to do? Will it house stories, story tellers, or only be a place for creating stories?

I'm thinking about what it means to be a story teller in the 21st century. Stories are bound by bandwidth everyday. Youtube is a series of short stories. Guest speakers could be speaking to audiences around the world.

Stay tuned for developments!


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ray said...

Myths and legend around campfires have been used throughout history for story telling.

Today we don't campfires as a regular mode of oral tradition. Like you said we have youtube and computers for standard communication.

My vision of combining new tool use and old tradition would probably resemble something MMO (massively multi-player online)

Tons of games have a chat which everyone can see or a local chat, or person to person chat (Instant messenger) but no forum. The direction of a forum is missing because the game becomes the focus.

So I would take MMO with the focus of chatting. A "game" with thousands of avatar options rendered in any way possible. The soul purpose of just have an example of person expression in the world.

As a player the focus would be on conversation, create rewards for hosting topic events or debates. A virtual world of competitive philosophers and artists.

Aspects like art design and conceptual implementation of social models already exist in game like "A tale in the Desert". Where the focus is on creativity and organization within a community. Taking this step to demonstrate a story telling forum wouldn't take much.